• kaltgepresstes biologisches natives Olivenöl extra aus Madrid
  • Weine mit Ursprungsbezeichnung Madrid
  • Käse aus der Natur Madrids
  • Honig aus Madrid
  • Natürliche Kräuter aus Madrid
  • Bilogisch angebaute Hülsenfrüchte aus Madrid
  • Wurstspezialitäten aus Madrid

Your online market of natural, artisan products from Madrid

Here you will find everything you would like to enjoy with your partner, friends and family

Natural, artisan products from Madrid

My Market is your online market specialising in natural, artisan products from the Autonomous Region of Madrid. Most of them are organic and all come from sustainable production. You will find products like extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil, wines, cheeses, cold meats, aromatic herbs, pulses and honey.

We offer healthy foods made by small firms of artisans. These manufacturers are continuing a long tradition, but using the most advanced eco-friendly technologies. All the products we sell undergo the strictest controls, from the field to the production process and the sales process. This guarantees their traceability and food safety.

This online store works towards food sovereignty by sourcing locally produced products.

We want to recognise the efforts of the farmers, winegrowers, shepherds, bee-keepers and artisans of the Madrid region, who care about our diet and our natural heritage, bringing deep commitment, loving care, enthusiasm, affection and professionalism to all the stages of production, while protecting the environment. We will be delighted to help you in person by e-mail or phone or on the social media, and are here to answer any questions that you may have. Place your order now and enjoy the taste of top quality products from Madrid. Your purchases help small and medium-sized companies, as well as small family firms that are committed to sustainable, responsible production.

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